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Thread: Trip generation for transit-oriented development

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    Nov 2007
    New Haven, CT

    Trip generation for transit-oriented development

    Does anyone have any traffic count data for existing Transit-Oriented developments, or any data regarding the trip generating characteristics or TODs versus traditional suburban developments? I'm trying to justify trip reductions and I need an empirical leg to stand on.



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    Jul 2006
    Calgary, AB
    Check out the article "Innovative Intermodal Solutions for Urban Transportation Paper Award: Quantifying Transit-Oriented Development's Ability to Change Travel Behaviour" in the November 2007 ITE Journal. It includes a methodology to calculate reductions that can be made to standard trip-generation rates based on survey data from Californian TODs. It does warn that the process should be used with caution but would be a good starting off point.

    More TOD trip-rate information is really needed -- I hope that this thread brings up other good sources of data.

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    Cyburbian Random Traffic Guy's avatar
    Jul 2005
    Lone Star State
    Around here we use what internal capture stuff is available, then uually 10% off of the resulting external vehicle trips if within 1/4 mile of a transit station.

    There needs to be a few thousand grad students out there collecting data on this

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    Sep 2005
    North Florida
    Our problem with calculating this is when the TOD is still a concept, not yet built. Internal capture has to do with the interaction of land uses…..a conceptual TOD would ultimately have a mix of housing, retail, maybe offices. However, what happens to the internal capture if only housing materializes and not the retail? There would still be internal capture of most likely the largest group of trips made, the work trip. However, does the transit system offer entertainment, shopping, schools, etc that would eat up other trips? It is hard to quantify, so most places just determine an overall allowable trip reduction due to the TOD designation (negotiated guess?). So, get your dartboard and throw a few darts. We do need more information, but as always, one size may not fit all.

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