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Thread: Farmers markets/local foods

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    Jan 2008
    Tallahassee, FL

    Farmers markets/local foods

    Anyone read "Grower's Gamble" in Planning yet? Have you had experence with local farmers markets? One issue mentioned was lack of suppliers of a wide range of products. One issue here in Florida is the requirement (State Department of Ad.) that any processed food must be prepared in an insprcted facility that is totally separated from any living quarters. Processed includes "packing".

    I inquired if I would have to get a license to sell section honey. The bees "pack" the sections in the hive and the only thing I would do would be to take the section out of the frame and put a top and bottom cover and a lable band around the edge to seal it. Yep, thacking, so I can't do it in my garage even. And I have to get a $100 license each year to just sell a day at a local market.

    This BS does not exist in Hungary and they are not dropping like flies from bad food.

    I can see regs for milk products, but honey, jam, etc?

    In my opion this is not green at all.

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    Mar 2002
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    For our local farmers market we allow the market operator to get what amounts to an enterprise business license, which covers the various vendors at the market.

    As for packaging in the garage, a little antifreeze/coolant on the honey section would seem to me to be a problem. I experienced unregulated food packing in the USSR years ago, and don't ever want to go through that again. In the US we had a lot of experience with unwholesome foods and have pure food and drug laws in response to them. The approach that would say the market would take care of people who pack unwholesome foods doesn't protect the people sickened or killed before the market catches on. The people decided a long time ago to regulate food packing to protect the consumer.

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