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Thread: Limits on mini-storage

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    Mar 2002
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    Limits on mini-storage

    I'm looking for examples of limits/controls/bans on mini-storage facilities in general commercial zones. We have a seven-mile highway through town that is the city's Main Street. It is zoned for general commercial use, which in our scheme means retail uses, but which allows min-storage. There is a growing number mini-storage facilities being built. In the opinion of some mini-storage is not an appropriate use along the Main Street area as it is not a pedestrian-oriented use. We also allow them in our industrial zone. Are there examples of requirements for, e.g., setting them behind a retail use, ot requring extensive landscaping/buffering? Any outright bans?

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    May 2003
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    We are a large-sized 2nd ring Chicago suburb and storage facilities are only permitted in our industrial districts.

    We would never allow storage uses in a commercial district.
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    Jun 2007
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    We have established an overlay district along certain primary streets in town and established different building and use criteria in the name of historic [cultural] preservation.

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    Aug 1997
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    I worked in a town that treated them as an industrial land use, permitted by right only in industrial districts. We tried to add them as a conditional use in commercial districts, so that they could be established on some sites, but not others, to keep the prime retail properties for retail.

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    Aug 2001
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    Protect your retail areas from this use as they'll suck the life out of an active retail/personnel service commercial area. Our planning commission asked us to investigate allowing this use as a matter of right in our neighborhood commercial zone district! I conveniently forgot to follow-up on that suggestion.

    I despise this use with a passion.
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