ARTICLE HEADLINE: Cities dance around free-speech issue
Use zoning and licensing laws to curb adult entertainment


A growing number of cities and counties are using zoning, licensing regulations and other techniques to discourage strip clubs without running afoul of the businesses' First Amendment rights.

"We can't stop them from opening, but we can make tough restrictions so they can't make any money."

Eric Damian Kelly, an urban planning professor at Indiana's Ball State University who advises communities on ways to limit adult businesses, says they often locate in small towns and rural areas with no applicable zoning or other rules.
Did you know that there was an Association of Club Executives, a strip-club trade association ?

Communities mentioned in article:
Jasper County, MO
Kenton County, KY
Shelby County, TN
Bourbonnais, IL

My fair city's Zoning Ordinance has these type of uses in our Special Use Chapter that has
seperation distances (500 and 1,000 ft), requires applicant to have a certified survey of those measurements, an increased distance for public notice beyond just abutting property owners (so application costs more).