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Thread: Best model signage ordinances

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    Best model signage ordinances

    I am writing a new signage ordinance - I think I have a pretty decent outline and I have been meeting with the Design Review Board to get direction on policy and I am about to ink it in -

    but I'm in a "just in case" moment where there might be something I am forgetting, that there might be a better approach/style/format out there, so I ask the throbbing brain of Cyburbia -

    who has the most kick-@$$ sign regulations?

    remember my town, it's a New England tourist village (fishing/drinking, problem, yes - also historical, pedestrian scale, wayfinding) that depends upon the tourist dolalr but also has a job base in R & D (so campus signage) that also has a gateway corridor (national scenic byway) leading into the village from the bridge (bridged island) - we also have a Design Review Board that reviews signage -

    links are fine to post - PM's are too if you don't want to post a link - appreciate the help!!!

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