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Thread: Interview help for downtown development position

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    Interview help for downtown development position

    Interview is approaching. It is my second significant interview of my life and I was very nervous during my last one.

    Background: going to graduate with MPA in May. undergrad in social science. I have taken a few planning classes and interned with a downtown development division, but certainly not my strong point. But I've had classes and gained internship that is relevant, I'm confident I can do the job.

    The position is in downtown development/economic development for a small town. It is a newly created position for the organization.

    What are some concepts or themes to expect? Any particular notes I should make sure to hit? What types of questions beyond the typical questions should one expect?

    Since Downtown development is such a comprehensive process, seems the technical questions could really vary.
    What types of questions should I ask?

    Despite my confidence, I'm sure I'll be nervous come gametime, so any basic interview advice would be appreciated as well. Thanks everyone.

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    Familiarize yourself with any projects that the town is currently working on or planning to work on.

    Make your answers to questions relevant to these projects.

    Don't just rely on your skills, experience, and education. You need to sell yourself to them and let them know how much you would love to work in this town. Make it personal.

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    These positions tend to emphasize execution/implementation rather than planning. Talk about how you get things done. Relationship-building may also be significant.
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    Have some knowledge of the agency's toolkit, such as 1) the benefits it is able to hand out, i.e. property tax breaks; 2) its funding sources, i.e. state and/or federal grants.

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