Hello all,

I'm currently writing my dissertation for my MSC in Spatial Planning and am concentrating on the Review process of Environmental Statements once they have been submitted. I was hoping for any advice/information from anybody who has been involved in assessing Environmental Statements either privately or in local Government practice...

Do you feel that Environmental Statements are reviewed/assessed adequately by officers in Local Authorities?

Are officer's adequately trained to be able to assess E.Ss appropriately?

What review procedures/frameworks does your authority use when assessing E.Ss? For instance, one of the main systems used in the UK is the Colley and Lee review package where the system attempts to to divide an ES into its constituent areas and review categories and sub-categories in line with an A to F scale. As part of my dissertation I will be looking to find out how many Local Authorities in the UK actually use this package and attempt to highlight the many weaknesses that I feel it has (such as being to subjective and time consuming etc..).

The role of public participation in the review process. How does an officer/local authority take into account the public's opinions on an E.S. which is often to technical and deemed to be a scientific tool used to justify the development (risk society)?

Would greatly appreciate any feedback.