I posted this under Career Advice, but haven't had much response so I thought an LA specific board might be a bit more helpful...

Hi there,

I'm a Planning Technologist (diploma, not degree) looking to work in the Santa Monica/LA area. I have 6 years of experience with design/graphics/rendering/CAD and currently live in Calgary, AB.

I'm not quite sure how to go about finding positions available in the SM/LA area or if there's even a market for planning techs in the US. Should I just search through the yellow pages for Architectural/Planning firms and send out resumes?

Does anyone have any specific (or general) suggestions for a tech wanting to work in the US? Anyone know what the salary range is for a tech is down there (trying to see if it's similar)?

Calgary is currently booming so it is also a bit hard to consider leaving here, however working in SM/LA could open up other options career wise as I am also a digital environmental modeler interested in working in the film (maybe gaming) industry (Dreamworks, Pixar etc)

Thanks for any and all suggestions.