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Thread: Policies and guidelines for monuments in public parks

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    Policies and guidelines for monuments in public parks

    We are about 15% of the way into a multi-million dollar regional park improvement project and the community has taken notice and admires the way we have been able to transform a resource that was essentially unused for decades.

    Certain people are now approaching us about placing monuments or memorials in this park area. We have no policy in place and feel one is necessary. I get the sense that this is a slippery slope so I'm starting out here at Cyburbia (natch). I'm doing some research on whether local governments permit monuments in public parks. For example, a memorial to a firefighter killed in the line of duty or something similar, including privately funded interpretive signs.

    For those communities that do permit some sort of memorials or monuments, what policies does the community use to decide what is appropriate or inappropriate? Are there design guidelines? Is there a design review process at all? What - if anything - is prohibited?

    Links, images appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Nashville seems to have a good set of such rules:


    I tried to make this a link, but failed.

    I am not familiar with the Nashville guidelines at all. Maybe someone else could comment.

    They appoint a commission familiar with the arts, and speak to artistic performance and completion of the project, location, context, scale, durability, upkeep/maintenance, and removal.

    I did not find anything when Googling National Park Service grant criteria or guidelines.

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