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Thread: Skatepark design

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    Jan 2008
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    Skatepark design

    Does anyone have experience with skate park design? Our town is looking at building a skate spot, street scene in our town park (town pop. of 2,750). Our budget is tiny compared to the beltway superburbs in the metro area. I understand that a good park is usually a product of a combo skate park designer (skaters w/education) and a local planning/engineering firm. Can anyone attest to this? Also any working experiences/opinions on skate park designer SuburbanRails?

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    It's my understanding that this is a very successful and popular skate park. Click on "Ken Wormhoudt Skate Park"

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    We have had a couple of threads about skateparks:

    Skatepark development resource

    Skatepark designs and function
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    You might try NewLine, Team Pain, and Wally Hollyday. They all do fantastic work that will draw skaters due to both good design and the name thing. Also New Line does some wicked skateable art plazas.

    I am currently teaming up with Rob Dydrek to develop skate spots, plazas here in Los Angeles. We are also in the midst of looking at starting skate leagues.
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    sounds interesting.

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