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Thread: Engineering Programs

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    Nov 2007
    New Haven, CT

    Engineering Programs


    I am a transportation planner working at a engineering firm in Connecticut. Iíve been working as a planner for just under 3 years at this point and am trying to make some decision regarding the future of my career. Itís becoming increasing clear that in the field of transportation planning, my lack of an engineering degree with ultimately hold be back. The chief reason for this obviously, is that a transportation engineer, can, and often does, take on many if not all of the responsibilities of a transportation planner, but the reverse is not true. Moreover, a P.E. license carries much more weight than an AICP or PTP certification.

    Basically, Iím wondering if thereís any engineering program that would allow me to get some sort of engineering degree without having to do a 4 year bachelors degree. Are there any 1 or 2 year programs out there that would allow me to keep working while I obtain the degree?



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    Dec 2005
    Baltimore, MD
    I got my bachelor's in environmental planning and analysis and began working in an engineering firm only to end up as a highway "engineer". I lacked credibility because I didn't have my degree in engineering, I went back to school for my Masters at the University of Maryland and recieved a degree in Enginneering with a focus in transportation planning........NOW, I am chief of Transportation Planning for the City of Baltimore......I still don't have my PE....or any other letters after my name. I got my masters in less than two years and worked full time....it wasn't easy.

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