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Thread: Embarrassing Family Holiday Moments

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    Embarrassing Family Holiday Moments

    OK, we've all had them! It's Easter, another time for big family gatherings, so what have your relatives done to mortally embarrass you? Tick you off? You've embarrassed them? (yeah, probably I do that...)

    One of my mom's cousins was occasionally down for holidays and when she was there for X-mas, Mom and Dad always gave her vodka (just because...). She was a tiny gray-haired woman who would dance around with the vodka bottle. Something you don't want your friends to see.

    The first time my brother had us to his place for Thanksgiving, they did that hold the hands and tell why you're thankful and then pray deal (his in-laws are sooo big into that). I don't pray. They got real suspicious of me.

    A couple years later, my brother's wife's oldest sister was there with her hubby (the minister) and family of hellions. The kids were eating outside at the picnic table; the minister told them they had to pray to eat. My son caved but when he told me about it.... I was all over my brother's case and he didn't have the cajones to tell his wife that was unacceptable. I had to tell him, if Mr Minister shows up again and pulls that crap, leave it up to me. He hasn't been back.

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    Related family events -
    Who hasn't seen drunks at family weddings or was one of them ?

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    Well, at her first wedding my sister threw up in the middle of her vows. She was fairly embarrassed about that. I was impressed when the minister pulled a handkerchief out of his sleeve and all the ushers, in unison, pulled them out of their left hip pockets. After the clean-up the wedding continued.

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    My ex-wife had two sisters. The oldest sister could not seem to get 'hitched', and was the subject of many, 'poor so-and-so just can't find a man' conversations. So at the younger sisters wedding, at which she married a complete idiot (although an idiot with some family money), the groom got pretty drunk. All the women were all hoping at the flower toss that the 'spinster' older sister would catch the flowers.....

    As the flowers are in the air, and it is obvious that the 'spinster' sister will not catch them, the groom rushes in and makes a perfect tackle on the bridesmaid as she catches the flowers....the poor girls dress flies up over her head...(which was even funnier because of the flower themed thong) and he takes the flowers and gives them to the 'spinster' sister. The crowd was speechless......the spinster sister cried, the bride cried, the tackled bridesmaid cried......it was hilarious!!!!

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    At one Easter, my father decided to play a tape of me singing a song he recorded when I was seven or so, that we'd learned in school. Now, it wasn't some short thing, it had been for a play we did, and was a good 15 minutes long. I was mortified...

    I asked him not to do it. My in-laws were there, I had friends there, it just wasn't cool at all. He refused, saying he intended to play the whole thing, and it was "cute." I repeated the request several times, but to no avail.

    So, I wished everyone a happy Easter, hoped everyone had a good meal, and left. PB&J with a side of self-respect is a much better dinner than ham and embarrassment.
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