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Thread: Rezone PUD vs overlay district

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    Rezone PUD vs overlay district

    I am trying to get a better grasp of the repercussions of trying to rezone some areas within one of our major corridors. I would ultimately like to make this corridor all fall within our PD standards, and hope that in time the redevelopment will help change the character of the area, but we are throwing around the idea of just placing an overlay district on top of current zoning, since it will be much easier to do.

    Any thoughts on the positives and negatives of doing either. I looked back and saw last year there was short discussion on why PD's are valuable. I believe they are valuable, I just want to understand the trouble I will be facing of rezoning maybe 30 properties along a roadway, or if just putting an overlay will be easier and less hassle... but get the overall same final product.

    Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated!
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    It really depends on what type of development review process you have and the review requirements within a PD.

    Do you have an "as-of-right" development review process or a "mandatory commission/board review" process?

    Do your PDs require the creation of extensive (ie construction) plans within a commission/board review process?

    Where I live we have an urban-ish commercial corridor that is under utilized and under developed. We did a vision plan for the corridor that had specific development and use recommendations. The first reaction was to create an overlay district that required PD review for practically any development near the major intersections within the corridor. That required hearing Plan Commission and Village Board review and approval.

    That may have been determined to be unnecessary, so since the muni. has an "as-of-right" development review process, the overlay district was amended to just put bulk and use standards.restrictions, but not require PD review.

    A question for you: Why would requiring a PD be better, in your opinion, than the normal process? Since none of us, presumably, know the details of your PD requirements/process.
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