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Thread: Density/intensity for assisted living facilities

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    Mar 2006
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    Density/intensity for assisted living facilities

    Does anyone have any good examples of how their communities deal with the issue of density/intensity for assisted living facilities? Our ordinance allows ALF's in both residential (multi-family) and commercial zoning designations however does not specifically state if the density/intensity is the same as a traditional multi-family structure. My inclination is that they should probably be looked at differently than a traditional multifamily structure. I am looking for innovative ways to clearly define this issue. Any thoughts/suggestions??

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    Aug 2001
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    We recently completed a plan for a community that allows flexibility to increase density based on sewer capacity, where senior facilities create less demand. That is the one instance where I can think of a different standard for old people places. I might consider the arrangement of interior uses. for example, are there community dining facilities, or does every unit have a kitchen?
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