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Thread: Scenario planning

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    Mar 2008

    Scenario planning

    Does anyone have any good sources for plans that incorporate scenarios into the final plan document?

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    Feb 2004
    Chicago, IL
    You might want to check out Engaging the Future edited by Lewis D. Hopkins and Marisa A. Zapata. It contains several chapters on scenarios/scenario planning. I don't recall how if it gets into how the plans are specifically used in the plan document, but it does discuss the uses of scenarios in great depth. The plan for Champaign, IL is used as a case study.

    Hopefully someone will by later with actual plans they are familiar with, but keep in mind traffic on this site can be a bit slow on the weekend.


    Having read your request I'm wondering if you go to UIC seeing as your question is related to the plan making studio that is being conducted this semester.

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    Dec 2007
    Front Range, CO

    Scenario planning

    You may want to check out the Sacto Region Blueprint here. See the scenario outcomes here.

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