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Thread: Toledo.....Michigan?

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    For you, Bear…..

    Click on the links and you will see a high-resolution image of part of an 1835 map from Michigan. If you look at the inset map, you can clearly see Toledo within that state (Sorry, the image was too big to upload the whole state so I had to crop and matte). Before Toledo was formed in 1834, the town was called Port Lawrence. (Some maps from the 1810s and 1820s depict Toledo as Lawrenceville).



    Due to conflicting surveys resulting from ambiguous descriptions of the Great Lakes features, Michigan claimed a 7-mile deep swath of present day Ohio running from the Indiana line to Lake Erie. Ohio didn't contest Michigan's claim very much until canal planning began in the 1830s. No way would the state allow a canal built and funded with Ohio dollars to terminate in Michigan, which it would have if Michigan's claim had stood. (The Maumee River was too shallow the town of Maumee to terminate there). Ohio claimed the line should actually be 7 miles to the north - The Fulton Line while Michigan (then a territory claimed the Harris line, which was seven miles deep into Ohio.).

    Most of present day Toledo would have been in Michigan, in Monroe County. Downtown Toledo, would have about three miles within the state of Michigan. Only the deepest parts of present day South Toledo remained within Ohio (in then Wood County). The old boundary runs just south and parallel to present day Angola Road in Toledo, and Old State Line Road in Western Lucas County. East of the Maumee River, it forms the boundary between Lucas and Ottawa Counties.

    The ensuing battle of the "Toledo Strip" resulted in The Toledo War in which Militias from both Ohio and Michigan formed camps on opposite banks of the Maumee River. No one fired a shot, but a Michigan sheriff's deputy was stabbed and wounded by one of the Stickney Brothers after they and father, Toledo pioneer Benjamin F. Stickney was arrested by Michigan authorities.

    Congress eventually awarded the Toledo Strip to Ohio. Michigan was granted statehood and awarded the western Upper Penisula, which they claimed as "worthless wilderness" until copper was discovered there. Lucas County was carved out of parts of Wood and Henry Counties in Ohio plus the southern parts of Monroe and Lenawee County in Michigan. Lucas County was much larger back then, until it shed its western townships to form Fulton County in 1851.

    But, as stated in the earlier thread, one wonders what Toledo would be like now had it remained in Michigan?

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    Hey, I can see my house !!!

    Actually, my present dwelling is just a tad south of Old State Line Road. On either map, on the word OHIO, my humble abode is around and about the first "O".

    My wife likes this eventuality, because every autumn I have to hear and watch her pathetic Buckeye mumble-jumble (mumbo-jumbo) when she creates the letters with her arms and shouts "O - H - I - O". Disgusting.

    As you all know by now, my heart and my soul reside in Michigan, although if the "Toledo War" would have ended differently my favorite city would be Marquette, Wisconsin.


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    Quote Originally posted by Bear Up North View post
    As you all know by now, my heart and my soul reside in Michigan, although if the "Toledo War" would have ended differently my favorite city would be Marquette, Wisconsin.
    I think Michigan made out on on the deal!
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    2 4 6 R

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    Hey I can see my house too!

    Who's kidding who? Toledo ain't nothing but Detroit South of the Swamp (with great freeway access). And Detroit ain't nothing but Toledo with Canadians!

    Detroit and Toledo share the same history, geography and topography. Very similar in there cultural heritages and patronage for arts. Both have art museums and zoos where outsiders say 'Holy Crap, they got places like this here in ________!?!?'

    That being said, I too love northern Michigan and am not too concerned about giving it to Ohio to have more 'Up North'.

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