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Thread: "Credits" for developer in PDD?

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    Sep 2007
    Rensselaerville, NY

    "Credits" for developer in PDD?

    I am working on a project (on the developer side) with a developer who has proposed a mixed-use/cluster development in a floating PDD zone in a village. He is willing to go above and beyond in terms of mitigation (including fixing a pre-existing sewer problem, offer a 80-gpm well to the village as well as build a water storage tank for the village).

    In exchange, the developer would like some sort of credit for the village's exactions--the only comparable thing i could think of was a density bonus--but we were thinking more along the lines of a PILOT or a reduction in the village's recreation fees ($1000/unit).

    Does anyone know of a similar situation, and/or have an idea of how set up a legally sound arrangement? How might one valuate a 80-gmp well?

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    Aug 2002
    You'll probably have to pull your attorney's office into this one. In Florida, we could possibly give utility credits (i.e., reduced connection fees for the sewer in exchange for eliminating the existing problem) but would be on some pretty shaky ground if we tried to give credits for something completely unrelated (i.e., a density bonus for providing a well). We could give water connection credits or water service fee credits for the well, but nothing in another area (couldn't give recreation credit for the well). Your utility provider should know how much it would cost them to put in a similar well, or you could request that the developer provide a sealed cost estimate from a certified engineer.

    Sorry - I'm sure it's done but we're pretty handcuffed here for this kind of stuff.

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