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Thread: Staying connected to your home region

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    May 2007
    Oakland, CA

    Staying connected to your home region

    I'm about to start grad school in the fall in another part of the country. Unfortunately, I vastly prefer to live in the part of the world I am now. I've heard that planning jobs are "highly regional" and it might be difficult to land a job in my home market after being away for two years.

    So my questions are thus:

    1 - Is this really true?
    2 - What strategies can I use to make sure I stay relevant and up-to-date on my home market while I am away?


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    I have not found that to be true. Maybe it is where I work (the Interior West). I work with planners who come from the East, South, Pacific West and Interior West. In our department we have a planner who went to school in Michigan and another from Texas. Three of us went to school either in North Dakota or Montana.

    As far as the second question, no reason you could not apply for internships in your home state. Also the Internet allows for instant ways to keep in touch with what is going on elsewhere.
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    Jun 2003
    1. It can be done -
    A planner in my office who born and raised here went to FSU and worked in FL for 5+ yrs and then moved back.

    2. read your local paper online, check your home state's apa chapter website for newletter, job postings, and if possible schedule visits home around their events, on home visits connect/network with your local planning dept. - internship ?

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    Jun 2007
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    You are in a much better position having lived in the region you currently do for some time and wanting to back there after school than someone not from your region who went away from their own region to school and afterwards wants to move to your current region. Even if you had no activities in planning-related areas, I've found that some local knowledge of places tends to look good during interviews.

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