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Thread: What are you doing to cut back?

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    Aug 2002
    We haven't had to cut back too much because we are already fairly conservative in our spending habits. I work from home and my husband has a three-minute commute. We really don't fill up our gas tanks very often unless I need to go out of town for a meeting. Even then, most of my travel costs are reimbursed.

    Neither of us eats red meat or smokes. I don't own a cell phone. We probably spend more than the average household on beer and wine, but we make up for it by being frugal in other areas.

    I've been trying to be more careful about what we purchase at the grocery store -- i.e., avoid buying more than we need, or buying stuff that's likely to go bad before we use it.

    I suspect we're eating out a lot less than we used to... On the other hand, that could be because I've been out of town for work a lot lately...

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    Aug 2001
    South Milwaukee
    Quote Originally posted by Queen B View post
    Oh and we invested in a camper so we can at least get out of the house but not have to go very far or get a motel.

    I say investment because it's book value is twice what we paid for it. SO we can keep it for a few years and see how much we use it. If we don't then we can sell it and we should be just fine.
    I did the same thing 2 years ago. It's 90 minutes away, on the edge of a state park and 4 miles from the Wisconsin River. Gods country. I go to opening weekend tommorrow. *yay* Now that I have 3 day wekends, it rocks.

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    Dec 2006
    No dent for me. Living in a tiny studio one mile from my job. Have a 2005 Mazda, but rarely use it during the week. No TV period (I refuse to do comcast). Already buy groceries from chain stores (Caputos, Buteras, Aldi, Walmart, and dollar stores). I will probably still live frugally since I am going to school in a few years. I am still able to set aside 25% of my net income for savings (wish I could invest it . ). Will be interviewing for a public sector job next week (hope it pays more than my private sector job).

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    Cutting Back on Luxury

    Paid off all the credit cards.
    Went on a strict budget, no luxury spending for clothes or shoes for my wife. Shoes was a big deal to give up.
    Going out to dinner down to once every two weeks and we are going to the less expensive places.
    Next to go is the house phone, we use our cells all the time anyway. I just changed our cell plan to a cheaper one with less minutes.
    Movies maybe once a month.
    We are going on a one week vacation, but we are using my Dad's timeshare, so no hotel bills.

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