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Thread: Parking behind front yard setback in non conforming lot

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    Apr 2008
    los angeles, ca

    Parking behind front yard setback in non conforming lot

    i am a private owner seeking zoning advice. if i'm not supposed to post here, please let me know.

    i live in los angeles, in a 1921 4 unit building r2-1xl zone. it is a non conforming lot on a small residential one way street with a prevailing front yard setback 5 feet. my front yard is 13 feet deep, width 50 feet. 5 feet side yard setback. tiny lot, urban neighborhood, street parking is fierce. this is for not required parking.

    two years ago, i got a class"a" permit for a curb cut 18 feet wide with side aprons with a note, "per B&S ok to park behind front yard setback, no more than 50% of required front yard is allowed to be paved"

    parking area is 8 feet deep from the building and 50 feet wide, curb cut at the center of lot width, basically looks like i'm parallel parking. grasscrete in 50% of the front yard to maneuver. steps to building entrance 4 feet deep.

    after two years of having this, there has been some question whether this parking is legal. each time i've gone to the zoning dept, its been a different answer. i've read the zoning codes on-line but do not understand it well.

    i've been to zoning twice this week, one said b/c its on a non conforming lot and not required parking, i did not need a permit to create the parking and if i did get a permit, it would then become required parking and would have to meet the currrent building codes ( which it does not meet). i believe this was how i was able to get the curb cut in the first place and create a compact parking space.

    the second person said once the parking is created, regardless if it is not required parking, it becomes required parking and i would need to get a parking permit but that it wouldn't be granted b/c my lot is non conforming and doesn't meet code, especially regarding the turning radius.

    my car is compact (not micro) and i have no trouble maneuvering safely to park behind the front yard setback and able to fit two compact cars.

    can i get some advice? comments?


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    May 2003
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    I would love to help you, but the question your asking is not going to get a definitive answer here on Cyburbia.

    Your question(s) are about the munitae of a local zoning ordinance of which most (if not all) here can't really comment on in detail.

    You need to work with a local land use attorney or a local consultant that may know the local code much better than any of us would.

    Good luck, though and welcome to Cyburbia.

    EDIT: taking off my professional hat - I would say that if you were issued a permit for the curbcut, drive and parking space(s), then just run with it and let the City try to rectify the issue after the fact.
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    I'm sorry. Is my bias showing?

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