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Thread: Ecomomic cost of travel time

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    Sep 2006
    Staten Island, NY

    Ecomomic cost of travel time

    I'm writing a paper and trying to find how the US DOT values travel time. Any ideas where to look.

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    Go to hte Texas Transportation Institute website. They have calculated the cost of congestion per capita for large metro areas. They are funded by the USDOT.

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    Sep 2005
    North Florida
    This is always a tricky bit of analysis...although the Texas reference is good, and I will throw in ITE and TRB for places to look. The problem has always been what to include. For example, the cost of the driverís time is usually based on median income. But what other cost do you include? Some normal ones are cost of gas, vehicle maintance, tolls, etc. But I have seen some that include environmental cost; everything from air pollution (health care costs) to the cost of disposing old tires. The other issue is that the gas tax is offsetting....so is the economic benefit of personal mobility. How much of that do you want to include as offsetting? This analysis sometimes comes down to proving the agenda of those performing the analysis.

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    Nov 2005
    In the "Interior".
    Look up "transportation benefit-cost analysis" to find travel time values. These are used to quantify mobility benefits used the economic analysis of trasnportation improvement projects. Most state DOT's will calculate their own values.

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    FHWA and REMI have also done recent work on this.

    This analysis sometimes comes down to proving the agenda of those performing the analysis.
    Not sometimes, always. However, this thread has some good sources for defensibility.

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