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Thread: Career path

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    Apr 2008
    North Georgia

    Career path

    Hi all, I have been in planning for four years now. Three as a Senior Planner for a Large County and a year and a half as a City Planner for a small City (6,000). I am looking to make the jump to director and i was wondering if others would share their career path in years so I know what to expect in the future. Also, im making around $56,000 a year, does that "on target" for 4.5 years of service in the north Georgia area. Thanks in advance for any help offered.

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    20 years service, city pop 36,000.
    Started as:
    Planner/draftsman; then,
    Neighborhood Planner; then,
    Chief Planner; now,
    Assistant Director.

    $52,000 + excellent bennies package.

    (The health care bennies are generally the suxxor, but the rest of the package is quite good.)

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    Cyburbian Plus
    Jun 2003
    17+ yrs, 15 of them with the same city/county.
    Volunteer & p/t internship while in grad school;
    Planner; and now
    Senior Planner, got that at 12 yr mark.

    45K, but health benefits and vacation time (5+ weeks) are sweet.
    I know I could make more but give up 3+ weeks of vacation to start over ?

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    2.5 years in Planning with Regional Agency
    Planner I to Principal Planner
    Mid-40s plus benefits, good health plan, plenty of vacation (one day per pay period) plus great retirement plan.

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