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Thread: Energy consumption & emissions by land use - Data??

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    Oct 2007
    san francisco, ca

    Energy consumption & emissions by land use - Data??

    I'm looking for energy and square-footage or land use data that can be used to calculate land use / square footage per capita in the US, and what today's energy "impact" is. Basically I would like to see what would happen if we develop or live in smaller spaces.

    Obviously for this calculation I would also need some kind of "average" usage/efficiency number for different building types, and given innovation in energy efficiency, that will change as well.

    These calculations have probably all been done before. Could anyone point me to the statistics or agencies that have good data on:
    - building-related energy use
    - land-related energy use (e.g., green space / agricultural losses for development; how that impacts overall picture)
    - projected energy use for different building types for, say, 5 years from now

    ...Or a similar analysis that has already been done!!

    Also interested in energy savings from renovation / infill vs. new construction - how much energy is used in construction (materials + transport) relative to lifetime energy use of the building??

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