Hello -

I am about to complete my MBA degree while working on Biotech at the same time. I hope to be able to help people in this forum with whatever I can. I have not followed the best career path out there, but my various experiences have allowed make the best of what I've got!

I have 10 years experience in Biotech - Quality Control & Biochemistry.
Either way, I decided I did not want to do a Masters or PhD in Chemistry because I really don't like that career path. Instead I started taking classes at night and this Summer I complete my MBA from Umass.

The dilemma I have now, it whether to stay in Quality Control - and look for Supervisor jobs (next 2-3 years) and then Manager (4-5 years from now).
I think that career values experience way too much and I am really interested in Marketing.

So, I will have a ton of questions regarding how to get into marketing while keeping my current salary - and hopefully even asking for more. I guess it will all depend on how I 'Market' my "Marketing Skills"!!