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Thread: Florida considers Christian-based license plate design.

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    Cyburbian beach_bum's avatar
    Jul 2007
    more West now
    Well I for one am glad that our legislature deems specialty license plates time over fixing...oh...Growth Management! After the threat of hometown democracy and with all the problems that budget cuts and property tax reductions have caused
    "Never invest in any idea you can't illustrate with a crayon." ~Peter Lynch

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    May 2003
    Northwestern Ohio
    One of my ex-wifes should get a Florida plate. She's very religious. So devout, in fact, that her favorite phrase was "Ahhhhhh, men".

    Occupy Cyburbia!

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    Jan 2008
    Tallahassee, FL
    Looks like this is dead for this session. We may see a 2 year halt to this madness. The Fla senate has a bill moving forward to impose a moratorum.

    The pPaper today said that only a handfull make more than the $60,000 admin fee the sponsers have to put up. The big $ makers in 2006-07: UF $2.46 million, FSU $1.86 million, Fla Panther = $2.12, Save Manatee $1.3 mill sea turtle $1.37. The Bucs garnered $1.02 million for "their" charities.

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