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Thread: Survey of needs for public facilities master plan`

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    Survey of needs for public facilities master plan`

    My fair city has expressed interest in developing a public buildings master plan. This would include items like municipal offices, public meeting facilities, public works facilities/yard, parks & recreation administration facilities/yard, fire/police/ems stations, electric/water/wastewater administration/yard, etc.

    I'm looking for examples of questionaires that address the following issues:
    building design inefficiency
    outdated facilities
    exceeding or approaching the limits of useful life-cycles

    We would like to evaluate each facility owned by the City based on its age, size, location, and general condition of its major building systems.

    Do any of you have questionaires that you would be willing to share? Any suggested local governments that have done this recently that I should contact?

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    Each functional agency has different needs...

    A good thing to research starting out is what are best practices for facilities for each functional agency. A recreation center has different physical requirements than a Fire/EMS station. Then find out what each agency's standard facility requirements are, and how amenable they are towards moving in the direction of best practices.

    I recently did a public facilities plan for public safety agencies, and we worked with the agencies to develop, within the context of national best practices, their ideal template facility. Some put more thought into the process than others.

    In the context of our plan, 50% of the process was dominated by locational concerns (where will new facilities open, where will they be closed), and another 45% dominated by an unbelieveably heated and nasty battle in a combination Fire/EMS department where the law mandates a consolidated fire/EMS department but 90% of the stations and apparatus are owned by independent volunteer corporations openly hostile to the county, its government, and each other.

    It's a little bit easier in a city government structure, where there is uniform command and control (i.e. everyone ultimately reports to the same boss). Not sure if this is helpful.....I found the process incredibly misguided (the Planning Department doing functional plans for agencies that should have their own planners, rather than working towards concurrency, design excellence, and comprehensive planning). Best of luck.

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    You are looking for Facility Assessment Report assistance. Here is a book called Handbook of Facility Assessment. This can be overwhelming for a non-engineer. There are some simple forms in this reference on pages 20 - 23:


    This may give you an outline of an approach you may want to use if you do it yourself. The forms are copyrighted. More likely you can use the data format to justify hiring a professional firm to do it for your city.

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