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Thread: Cyburbia Trivia Challenge 2.0 - Week #97

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    Cyburbia Trivia Challenge 2.0 - Week #97

    Week 97 is ready.

    Play it here: http://my.funtrivia.com/private/main.cfm?tid=56494

    Categories this Week:
    Sunday: Closed
    Monday: Movies 2 : Intermediate
    Tuesday: General Knowledge 3 : Average
    Wednesday: Literature 1 : Easier
    Thursday: Music 1 : Easier
    Friday: FunTrivia Mix
    Saturday: Closed

    Good luck!

    Moderator note:
    As always...I'm looking for category suggestions for future weeks....it's getting tough to come up with categories that are challenging, yet fair....PM me with suggestions for upcoming weeks.
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    OK, so it's Literature today. I had 3 Stephen King questions. I haven't read any of his books, and I saw about 1/2 hour of one movie. I guessed on all three questions, and got 1 right.

    Trivia, indeed.
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    I will have to say for easy literature that was hard. I think that easy Music is much more my style. I enjoy how in this game if you do poorly on one day, you are ruined for the month!
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