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Thread: Making sense of the SuperNOFA

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    Aug 2005
    S x county

    Making sense of the SuperNOFA

    Does anyone here have responsibility for their dept. to get the facts straight on this year's SuperNOFA? if so, let's commiserate, since I'm looking at it and feeling dizzy.

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    Apr 2008
    City of Lynchburg, VA
    Sanfelice, in April HUD held a webcast about this topic. I am not responsible for completing the SuperNOFA. The powerpoint slide which I believe was used then can be found here: http://www.hud.gov/offices/adm/grant...tready08sn.pdf. SuperNOFA webcasts can be found here: http://www.hud.gov/webcasts/archives/supernofa08.cfm. I (a novice) listened to the April 22 webcast and felt it was a good explanation of the SuperNOFA.

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