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Thread: Help - interview questions for assistant planner position

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    Feb 2008

    Help - interview questions for assistant planner position

    I'm going to have a 1/2 hour phone interview next week for my first planning job out of grad school. I'm really nervous about the questions they will ask me. I would like to have some answers prepared. The position is for an Assistant Planner position with an MPO. My specialization is in land use, but the job will require me to work in the transportation department. I have made the first cut so they are somewhat interested in me.

    What are some sample interview questions that I could prepare for? Iím looking for more job specific question that they may ask.

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    Mar 2002
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    Tell me about yourself.
    Why do you want this job?
    What do you know about transportation planning?
    Tell me about TOD.

    Look at the job announcement and be prepared to tell them how you meet the qualifications, WITH EXAMPLES of what you have done that demonstrates your competence. Think about how your classroom projects, thesis, internships, jobs, provide relevant competence. At the assistant planner level they shouldn't be looking for much experience, but they should want to see that you have the skills. Is it some place that currently is pushing buses, rapid transit, bikes, or what?

    You should be prepared to interview them, too. Ask them some cogent questions about the position, what the emphasis will be in the work, about things you pick up off the website and the local papers.

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    Familiarize yourself with the projects they're working on - their website will likely have a lot of information, and give you a good idea of the kind of projects you'll be working on. Mention things that you've been involved with that are similar to the projects they've worked on/are working on.

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    Learn about what transportation planners do. Become familiar with the 4-step model, TIPs, Long Range Plans, CMAQ, Enhancement, safety issues.

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