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Thread: censorship

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    Aug 2001
    Tel Aviv, Israel


    To Dan Tasman,

    I'm puzzled by your prompt action regarding my sugestion of "Intimate Anonymity" as a worthwhile thread for the foroum to discuss.

    True, an earlier version was presented at Perry's Cantina and received some interesting comments. However, judging by the 97 viewers of my message and comparing it to the only one other message by Ms. Norton viewed so far by 172 participants, I feel it made a lot of people interrested. Why not wait a bit before acting so violently?

    Hillel Schocken

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    Mar 1996
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    Hillel, Intimate Anonymity was eloquent, intelligent, and on target. As evidenced by the first posting, it caused people to think and respond; such messages are something I want to encourage here. You are a welcome contributor to the Cyburbia Forum and Perry's Cantina, and I'm sure many will agree with me that we will look forward to reading more of your thoughts.

    [Administrator hat on]

    However, posting the same message repeatedly is something that I want to discourage around here.

    Although I still have to configure the new board so the rules are easily visible, two of them include --

    Use descriptive subject lines and research your post. This reduces the chances of double-posting, and it also makes it easier for people to see what they do/don't want to read. Also, scan the subjects of the last several days' posts to make sure you aren't duplicating posts. Also, consider what forum your topic should be posted in.


    Let threads lead a natural life ... or death. Don't post messages where the primary intent is to raise a dying thread to the top of the subtopic list. Such threads/subtopics may be relocated to the bottom of the subtopic list or removed if they are intentionally "spammed" to the top of the subtopic list."

    (An exception to the thread bumping ban is when new messages are posted, but they are "scrolled down" quickly by the relocation of older messages from the old Discus-based Cyburbia Cafe to the new Cyburbia Forum.)

    In the old Cyburbia Cafe, one regular would frequently post long Marxist rants, often in unrelated subtopic areas. When nobody replied, and the message "scrolled down," the poster would add a short one-line message to bump the message to the top of the list, along the lines of "I feel my message is more important than everyone else's, so I'm bringing it back up to the top." After lots of complaints from Cyburbia users about the actions of this poster -- trolling, bumping, off-topic posting, ad hominem attacks on Cyburbia Cafe users, and taking every opportunity to turn mundane threads about subjects along the lines of landscping regulations or intersection design into Marxist diatribes -- I blocked his ISP.

    In response to your accusations ...

    Censorship? Your thread is still up. Cyburbia users can still respond to it, or at least the original post.

    Acting so violently? In most well-managed Web-based bulletin boards, reposting a message is typically considered a no-no; the duplicated thread is usually deleted immediately. Because I'm a nice guy, I'm keeping it up, and redirecting prospective responses to the original post.

    [Administrator hat off]


    Growth for growth's sake is the ideology of the cancer cell. -- Edward Abbey

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    Aug 2001
    Tel Aviv, Israel

    More on "censorship"

    I certainly agree that floging a dead horse is not such a good idea. However, having been inactive for quite some time now I realized that few things have changed since the interesting debate on "Intimate Anonymity" took place, 8 or 9 months ago!

    First, when I rejoined I failed to notice its reinclusion which I now do.

    Second, from my experience, people tend to relate to recent threads rather than old ones.

    Third, I expected, and I might be wrong there, that during the last 8 months some new people joined who may be interested.

    I'm altogether suportive of the rules set up by the forum but I also believe that when nobody is expected to be seriously hurt, rules could be bent in a broad minded manner.

    I still believe you might have given this at least a few weeks to see if a new discussion develops, what harm could be made by this?


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