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Thread: Advice needed: moving from large to small company

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    Advice needed: moving from large to small company

    Hey guys, I could really use some help with this decision. I currently work for a large mutual fund company and enjoy the company and the people there. The problem is the company is very far from my home (28 miles) and it's not in my field of study (I have a degree in computer science and I'm working as a mutual fund analyst). I was recently offered a job much closer to home that will put me back in IT, this job will also pay me slightly more.

    The sticking point is that I've become fairly comfortable at my current place of work and I'd be moving from a very large company to a fairly small one where I would be the only IT guy, which is a lot of pressure in of itself. My offical title would be "IT Manager" and I'd be performing basic duties such as monitoring the server, the active directory, and support issues. I'm a little nervous about being THE guy, but at the same time I want to get back into IT. I'm really torn over this, and help/advice is appreciated.

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