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Thread: Rehab and asbestos

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    Apr 2008
    City of Lynchburg, VA

    Rehab and asbestos

    I am writing to get a feel for what other localities do with asbestos concerns in HUD-funded projects. I understand that asbestos may be present in many compounds created before 1980: shingles, wall insulation, hot water pipe insulation, drywall joint compound, etc. Asbestos only really becomes a concern when it is disturbed. The question I guess is: how far should one be concerned about it? Is it common practice to have asbestos testing for roofs everytime a shingle roof is repaired or replaced, or for all subfloors to be replaced? Are there common work practices to follow when asbestos is presumed, like with lead? The fact that HUD and OSHA have different levels of concern does not make life easier. I don't want to miss the forest for the trees, so any suggestions you have while I am researching would be appreciated.


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    Aug 2006
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    Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

    In Washington State, the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency has excellent information about asbestos risk assessment, testing and removal (methodologies). Their FAQ page is fairly extensive too.


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