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Thread: How much training do you give?

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    Dec 2001

    How much training do you give?

    We've had a new hire with our office for a month now and that person does not seem to be catching on as quickly as needed. The first issue is that we have several "how-to" documents, bullet-point lists and calenders of what needs to be done and the deadlines and the person is having a hard time understanding deadlines. I'm fine with questions about the material but at a certain point I begin to wonder if they've read the documentation at all (or if they can retain any information). Second issue is making the job more difficult than it needs to be under the guise of being detail oriented. To me, saying "detail oriented" means you pay attention to the details and instructions, not continually say, "I don't know where that is" when the path name is on the document your holding or "what date are those due by" when the deadlines are written down in front of them. If you ask for a file to be made for a case, you get a post-it note on the paperwork with a case number- no file, no label, nada.

    How much training is needed or how much do you give before throwing in the towel? Should we begin to do small pop quizzes? On one hand I don't want the person to fail but on the other the hand you can only help a person so much before it impacts your job negatively. Advice from the throbbing brain?
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    Jan 2006
    One important thing that you need to consider is, if you do throw in the towel, can you fill that position in a reasonable amount of time? If you were to let a weak link go, how would that affect your, and others, positions (e.g. would it simply be easier for you to do the work instead of constantly having to look over someone else)? If you can't fill the position, and they are still saving time, don't do it. If the position will likely fill easily, or it would be easier for you to do the work then the decision is to throw in the towel.

    Just my two cents...

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    My last 2 jobs i found the in-house training to be horrible. Things like "where to find document X" on the server and such. I was recreating things that were already templates.

    Internal training vs. external are big differences. If the issues are external (i.e. education and ability) vs. internal (i.e. your training sucked) well, you have to treat those differently.

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    in a meeting
    the fact that you have a manual or something like it tells that you have it together for in-house training which is great stuff

    I think you should sit down with the person and ask them what they need to help them learn and engage in a somewhat informal easy conversation about the documents available to them - you can likely learn from the discussion either A. this person needed this other piece of information or some other reasonable and understandable item/direction/whatever to help or B. the person is way over their head or isn't bright enough such that they don't even know what to ask (but people fresh out of school are often this way too, so you have to be careful) - which will tell you if you want to keep them beyond their probationary period (so do this soon) - go with your gut on it too, by sitting down with the person, you will get it

    good luck - keep us posted

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