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Thread: Dropping the "and Planning" in university school nomenclature

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    Dropping the "and Planning" in university school nomenclature

    One of my pet peeves when I was attending the graduate program at the SUNY: University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning was that whenever the school's name was mentioned outside of the school -- elsewhere at the university, printed on t-shirts and caps, mentioned in the newspaper or on television, and so on -- the "and Planing" was almost always dropped. It was just the "School of Architecture".

    For the longest time, one couldn't buy a t-shirt or bumper sticker that mentioned the "School of Architecture and Planning" - it was just "School of Architecture". I complained quite a bit about it at student-faculty meetings, people listened, and for a while it seemed like planning was remembered; it was "School of Architecture and Planning" in university publications, schwag, and elsewhere.

    Several months ago, I went back to Buffalo, and checked out the university bookstore. There wasn't much there related to the school, but what they had was ... yup, "School of Architecture" stuff. Local bloggers discuss community outreach programs of the "School of Architecture". Planning appears to have been forgotten again.

    Students attending a program at a university "School of Architecture and Planning" or "Faculty of Architecture and Planning" - is planning often forgotten there, too?

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    Texas State went through a name change about 10 years ago, dropping the "and planning" from the Department of Geography and Planning. It is a source of bitterness for many of the planning professors there, and noisy alumni like myself.

    I'm particularly irritated because it makes the planning degree slip under the radar in the College of Liberal Arts. A few years back there was some discussion of moving the planning degree to a new School of Public Service, but that proposal never got moving for a variety of political reasons.

    Texas State does not have an architecture program.

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    Ball State is the CAP -- College of Architecture and Planning -- and folks generally do refer to it that way. From time to time you would hear someone say 'the architecture college', but that was fairly rare. Thus, only us preservationists and the bush pushers felt left out.

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    At the University of Colorado Denver it is the College of Architecture and Planning, is also referred to as CAP.
    And you are right Gedunker nowhere does that title mention the "shrubbery" (AIB MPHG) people.

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    University of Florida's program is the college of Design, Construction and Planning (DCP). The Architects, LA's and Interior design folks fall under design.
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    Quote Originally posted by JNA View post
    At the University of Colorado Denver it is the College of Architecture and Planning, is also referred to as CAP.
    And you are right Gedunker nowhere does that title mention the "shrubbery" (AIB MPHG) people.
    University of Texas at Austin's department is in the School of Architecture.. no mention of planning at all. I actually asked someone about this when I was there.. all they would say is "yeah we know". Oh well.
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    GSAPP Columbia seems to be all about their achitecture students as well. Even the welcome letter for 2008 GSAPP students is only specifically directed towards M.Arch students. For planning students, no welcome letter, nothing.

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    Maybe "Architecture" is just jargon: a phrase that is understood by the larger general population. Even some of the earliest "architecture programs" in the mid to late nineteenth century were really just spawn off from engineering colleges, and they didn't really have any separate distinction for decades. West Point was THE ONLY engineering college for a good part of the nineteenth century for, in addition to being the nation's first military college. If you wanted to be an engineer, civillian or not, you had to go there for a college education.

    If planning is not a separate "school" within the institution, but rather as a part of another school, such as Architecture, Liberal Arts, Public Policy, then it's more like a department (in all but name). Planning is a still an envolving profession: let's face it, it's still at the bottom of the totem pole underneath engineering and architecture. Even landscape architecture at some institutions is within a separate college (Michigan's program is within the School of Natural Resources and Environment).

    It's just a NAME. Give it up.

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