Hope this hasn't been discussed before. Did a search for "Community programs" which didn't turn up much.

This probably only applies to public sector planners, but I was just wondering what kinds of community programs you or other planners at your workplace are charged with organizing and developing?

I'm just wondering if my department is overlooking some potential programs that could be of benefit, or if we may be doing too much. Also, just wondering how many planners actually do community activities outside planning and zoning, or if planners engaging in community programs is sort of a rarity.

Right now, we have a public art program, an economic development program (which includes business retention), a downtown partnership, and a conservation program. All receive a fair amount of money, time, and effort exerted. I've always wondered, "why public art and conservation?" and more importantly, "why are planners heading this up?". Then, I ask myself, "well, if we're doing this, then what other things could/should we be doing?"

What community programs do you deal with? What programs do you think would be a good idea to start up?