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Thread: Permitting multi-family as a percentage of residential land uses (was:HELP!!)

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    Mar 2008
    Mont Belvieu, Texas

    Permitting multi-family as a percentage of residential land uses (was:HELP!!)

    OK, since all of us are smarter than any one, here goes:

    Our CIty has a unique zoning model. Most of our zones allow multi-family and single-family uses. Rather than control the amount of multi-family via typical zoning, there is a desire to establish a ratio of single- to multi-family dwelling units in the City. So my first question is - does anyone else know of anything like this? Are we the first? If so, are they going to name a disease after us? Are we going to make it into planning textbooks?

    If there are other places doing this kind of thing, PLEASE let me know how you administer the ordinance. On the surface, it seems like we are creating a commodity of the right to develop multi-family units in the City. I am a little nervous about that. (OK, more than a little).

    Any help here would be great. You can also email me directly at
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    email address deleted. The forums are designed for interactive participation....if responses are e-mailed, how will other users gain the benefit of the responses?

    Thanks in advance!

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