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Thread: Problem with AICP exam problem!

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    May 2006
    Islamorada, FL

    Problem with AICP exam problem!

    Funny observation from the AICP exam this cycle. I will not state what the actual question was for this scenario, but I will give some details of the scenario, because it appears that the AICP did not even give a plausible scenario on its own exam!

    The scenario is this:

    Two acre site
    10 percent of the site area required for planting
    125 dwelling units
    1.5 parking spaces per dwelling unit
    300 sf per parking space
    Building footprint of 200 by 300

    Let's work this out:
    87,120 sf
    - 8,712 sf for planting
    Equals 78,408 sf
    - 56,400 sf for parking
    Equals 22,008 sf

    However, a building footprint of 200 x 300 is 60,000 sf!

    Anyone have any idea as to why AICP would include such a sloppy
    scenario on the exam? It ultimately didn't matter, but I knew
    something didn't add up, so I went back at the end to work it out, and
    sure enough, they were off by nearly an acre!!!

    What gives?

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    Cyburbian Plus JNA's avatar
    Jun 2003
    De Noc
    I see part of the problem - the parking requirement is flawed.

    Who's using parking space sqft = 300 anyway ?
    Many communities use 9x18=162 + 1/2 travel lane = 9x12=108 for a total of 270.
    given the scenario this gives you only 5,640 more sqft for the building.
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    Welcome to the wonderful, wacky world of APA, AICP where few things add up.
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    Cyburbian Greenescapist's avatar
    Apr 2002
    I got that question, too, but all I was supposed to calculate was the required parking. I looked at the question a few times because it seemed so ridiculous. They gave so much information that wasn't required to solve the problem that I wasn't sure if this was a test of reading a question carefully or if I was missing something. I guess I'll find out in August.

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    Feb 2002
    now i'm no math major, but at 75 units per acre, boy that's a little urban

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    Cyburbian transguy's avatar
    Jan 2006
    Quote Originally posted by iamnyc View post
    Let's work this out:
    87,120 sf
    - 8,712 sf for planting
    Equals 78,408 sf
    - 56,400 sf for parking
    Equals 22,008 sf
    Work it out another way. Start with 87,120 sf for the site. Minus the 60,000 sf for the building footprint = 27,120. Subtract the area for planting 27,120 - 8,712 = 18,408 for parking. The total footprint for the parking is 125 du * 1.5 spaces per dwelling unit = 187.5 (or 188) spaces required at 300 sf per space = 56,400.

    So, you have to fit 56,400 sf of parking on 18,408 sf of ground. Sounds like you will need more than one level of parking; and at 75 du per acre, are you surprised by this? Just my thoughts...

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