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Thread: Medical and general office trip generation

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    Jan 2006

    Medical and general office trip generation

    Okay, I've been given the task of doing some trip generation rates for an area of our Comp Plan. The area is identified for office use, including medical and dental offices. The trip generation rates for these uses are wildly different and I have been asked to come up with a reasonable mix that we may expect; in other words, they don't want a huge range to present. We have absolutely zero local data on anything like this. Any suggestions?

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    Sep 2005
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    Medical offices have a higher trip rate because they are service orientated.....people come there to see the doctor. If, in your state, trips cost you money, I would under estimate the medical office. The other strategy might be to call it all general office... it may not get noticed when a doctor applies to the city to run his bisnuess at that location. It depends on the zoning and how tied it is to the entitlements.

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    Quote Originally posted by transguy View post
    Any suggestions?
    Are there any similar areas in you city or in nearby cities? If so, I would calculate the percentage of each use in those areas (i.e. 10% dental, 20% general, 70% medical, etc.) and use the same formula to assign percentage to the proposed area.

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