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Thread: Planning graduate

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    May 2009
    San Francisco

    Planning graduate

    Well I am almost done with my joint planning master's degree and transportation engineering (really its planning).

    I am early 30's and worked previously as a business analyst, I am facing three "problems" now:

    No jobs-I did my homework when I went back to school and it seemed people with this joint degree in past years had multiple offers from my school. Now I can't even find an internship

    I am getting married soon to a lovely lady who has a good job (which is a good thing) but I can't move now in my job search (We will be living in the Bay Area the pool is large here)

    I am not sure I am interested at all in current city planning even if a job came up and now that I have this transportation specialty the feeling might be mutual.

    Some alternatives in planning (to transportation) that I am interested in are redevelopment agencies and economic development agencies as a project manager. I like the big projects in places like San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose that they manage with the financial component. How hard are these jobs to get as a planner? I feel I have become very specialized already just in school. At least in SF I know the project manager is different from the planner. Knowing what I know now I think an MBA or a MPA would have been a better bet if this was the real direction I wanted to go in plus I would now have way more flexibility

    And how long do I give this? I can't wait forever to make this happen and can't be very low paid. At what point do you just give up and try to go back to what you once did?

    I guess this is a ramble but I am not feeling to good. Knowing it isn't me but the economy helps a little but one downside of being older when you enter school is your conception of work changes easily when you decide you want to start a family.

    I feel really boxed in with this planning degree and student loans are due soon

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    Mar 2004
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    Stop worrying....

    Take anything you can find in the field....current planning....environment....housing....long range....you name it.....whatever.....do well for a year or more then move on........ Oh and take whatever pay you can get
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    Quote Originally posted by Sean_anon View post

    I am getting married soon to a lovely lady who has a good job (which is a good thing) but I can't move now in my job search (We will be living in the Bay Area the pool is large here)
    No flexibility in you location is not good and ED organizations typcially aren't looking for someone with a planning or engineering degree. Hey worst case scenario is your sugar mama supports you for awhile.

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