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Thread: Any entry level planning jobs in Wisconsin???

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    Jun 2008
    Milwaukee, WI

    Any entry level planning jobs in Wisconsin???

    I am a year out of undergrad with an Urban Regional Studies and geography degree. Having the hardest time of my life getting into Entry Level positions. I am an intern currently for the summer to boost my resume. I dont plan on leaving Wisconsin but am finding lack of opportunity here. Anyone out there have any insight to possible employment for me? Thanks!

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    Cyburbian The District's avatar
    Nov 2005
    New Hampshire Seacoast
    you may need to consider leaving the state. it's pretty tough all over the country, and you'll probably have to take what you can get.

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    Cyburbian MacheteJames's avatar
    Jun 2005
    NYC area
    Agreed. The job market for urban planners within any one state (except CA) is usually pretty small. Chances are that you'll need to relocate for at least a while in order to get a position and get your foot in the door.

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    Dec 2006
    Check out the state APA job boards, planetizen, etc. Look at previous posts about networking to find jobs.

    My firm is not hiring anyone down in Chicagoland, but PM me and I would be happy to look over your resume, coverletter, portfolio, and offer any advice that I can.

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    Jun 2007
    Oklahoma City
    Quote Originally posted by MacheteJames View post
    The job market for urban planners within any one state (except CA) is usually pretty small.
    Don't forget Texas! We've got a lot of job openings, too.

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    Feb 2003
    There were a ton about a month ago in Wisconsin and competition was fierce for a lot of them. One that I know of had over 80 applications for a position in northeast Wisconsin.

    There are two right now that are listed on the American Planning Association website:


    Good luck!
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    Jun 2003
    De Noc
    Have you looked at the APA Wisconsin website:

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    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    There tend to be few planning positions in Wisconsin because the state has so many small communities. Most of the ones under 10,000 people (and several larger) have a zoning administrator and building inspector, and hire a consultant to provide planning. Larger communities may have a planner for plan review, but no long range planning staff. This work also goes to the consultants. Only the largest of the state's communities have a significant planning staff.

    For a few years, every planning and engineering firm in the state was adding planners. The situation today is that there are too many people trying to offer these services. The amount of work has dropped considerably since 1) there has been a significant slow-down in construction activity that means less plan review work; 2) most communities have completed, or are in the process of completing their Smart Growth plans; and 3) local budgets are severely strained and planning is not seen as a priority. Competition among the consultants is pretty fierce and several firms have laid off staff or imposed hiring freezes, jst like their public sector clients.

    All of this means you are competing against experienced planners for the few jobs that do come available. As others suggested, you may want to consider relocating for a job, at least temporarily. Depending on your interests, you might consider non-typical positions such as working for a Main Street program or in community development.
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