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Thread: Need help with a Caribbean community design

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    Jun 2008
    Roatan, Honduras

    Need help with a Caribbean community design

    I am working on an 18.74 acre development on a Caribbean island and I need design ideas and a software to do it on. If not, I would like to outsource the design to a company that would be able to give me digital renderings of the project.

    How can I contact someone to find out about designing a site plan for the project.

    What software could I use for this if I did it myself?

    It is an 18.74 acre property with quite a bit of road frontage running up a hill with north shore views and then down the other side of the hill with south side views. I already have a road cut, but I will need to alter it. I want to put around 30 town home units in a courtyard style with a pool and BBQ common area and gardens in the middle, then the remaining acreage would be for estate size 0.5 acre lots and common area for landscaping, pool, and community aesthetics.

    I need a design scheme to submit to my investors. Where do I start?

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    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    You should take this to a qualified engineer, even to lay out a preliminary plan. Given the issues involved - steep terrain, need for water and sanitary infrastructure, roads, etc., you should not "wing it" unless you have plenty of experience under your belt. If you do not have an engineer there are several of us here who can recommend one.
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    Jun 2008
    Providence, RI

    Caribbean island development

    Atlantis Development,

    Development on the island is at an interesting stage. The real estate market there has been affected by the US housing downturn and a lot of poorly planned development is now falling by the way side - a good thing. However, opportunities do exist for more well-planned upmarket, eco-friendly communities.

    As an urban housing planner by profession and a resort housing planner by aspiration, I'd be happy to discuss what you are planning and what might be some of the best way to approach it. Feel free to contact me by email.


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    Dec 2001
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    Ummmmm.......I can do it for you.

    PM me....work outside the US isnt cheap though.

    I just did a job in Jamaica lat year.

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    May 2008
    Trinidad & Tobago
    I realize that your main concern at this point appears to be design software (for submission of a plan to investors).

    While, not necessarily software-related issue, it may be helpful to know which island is being referred to here. The idea of what constitutes a “Caribbean island” is at best highly vague, and the planning/design realities will depend on, if not the specific name of the island itself, a general idea of its location, characteristics and institutional environment. For example, the procedures and expectations of planning and development authorities will be different in a former-UK island, in comparison to Dutch, French, etc.

    One of the earlier replies mentioned Jamaica – but I am under the impression (based on another of your posts) that the “Caribbean island” of your proposed development is one off the Caribbean coast of Honduras (and as such, not a independent jurisdiction such as Jamaica).

    I am not suggesting that these considerations affect software choice, but a clearer idea of what we are dealing with will be helpful – after all, the usefulness of any software program in providing a solution will depend on how well the “problem” (to which it will be applied) is defined…

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