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Thread: Imagine Calgary

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    Imagine Calgary

    I was a bit surpised when I did not see a reference in the Cyburbia archives to "Imagine Calgary", an ambitious plan from one of the world's more progressive cities. The scope of the plan is quite large.....you need to spend some time to give it a fair review. (The PDF contains 211 pages!)

    The sub-title is "Long Range Urban Sustainability". It is the result of a significant effort as a large group in Calgary developed a 100-year vision (and goals).

    Here are just a few of the targets in the plan.....

    Goods & services
    Economic well-being
    Governance systems
    Natural environment
    Social services
    Waste Management

    It is an impressive document that I believe those who work in planning or just have an interest in long-range urban planning (and sustainability) will find quite interesting. I do ask this question.....

    Is this plan TOO big.....to the point where it becomes unmanageable?

    Here's the link:



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    Oct 2005
    This brand of more regional comprehensive and sustainable planning has been attempted and with some success in places around the US too.

    Currently the BCD Region of South Carolina is going through this process. The plan here is referred to as "The Regional Blueprint" and it is attempting to bring 3 counties and 27 municipalities together to plan the region and promote cooperation and get similar goals to the forefront. You can check out more at, www.ourregionourplan.org

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