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Thread: Cold resume

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    Mar 2005

    Cold resume

    I want to work for a private consulting firm. Is it worthwhile to send a resume and cover letter to a firm that is not currently seeking an employee?
    Trying to get my grubby hands on as much stimulus money as I can.:D

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    Jan 2006
    Yes, it never hurts. The more you can find out about them and sell yourself to them the better. This is actually how I got my first job out of school. I must have sent out 50 resumes (about 30 that had no current openings listed). I had several interviews from all of these and choose the one I liked best. While the interview success rate wasn't fansitic, it landed me a job in the end.

    You'll notice that several companies websites state they are always accepting resumes for interested individuals. What can it hurt to throw your resume in the pile. Worst case scenario you are in the same position prior to sending out the resume? And most of them you can submit online so you don't even have to pay the postage. I can't see as to why this would be a bad thing.

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    Dec 2006
    Include a portfolio (digital ones are great), or at least a few samples of work or cut-sheets. Even if it goes into a file cabinet (like my firm) at least it will stand out, and might catch a principal's eye.

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