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Thread: County workshops to help townships with text amendments?

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    Jul 2002

    County workshops to help townships with text amendments?

    In the county I work in we have 17 townships that are required by law to send their map and text amendments to us for review. Some of the text amendments are done professionally but many are not. Some are done so poorly that it takes an inordinate amount of time and ofter several submissions and reviews until acceptable language is written. We would like to provide a workshop(s) to assist the local governments in drafting zoning text amendments. Does anyone have any resources that we could use to get started?

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    Our County is in a similar situation and we try to offer 2 workshops per year on applicable topics. If I'm giving the presentation, I usually start with our DOS website, which is extremely useful. You can check out NYS's Local Government publications (such as the James A Coon Technical Series) at http://www.dos.state.ny.us/lgss/publist.htm. There is a ton of useful information there!
    Also, we try to give examples from other municipalities who've already invented the wheel and encourage them to be modified for each community, but keep the meat of the text the same. (makes it easier for us to work with their zoning as well when many Zoning Laws are set up so similarly within the County.
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