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Thread: Mixed use zoning district success stories?

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    Jun 2008
    Peekskill, NY

    Mixed use zoning district success stories?

    Hi all,

    The Common Council here is finally coming around to the idea of mixed use zoning in our downtown. In addition to Staff's ideas for our new district, I was hoping to present to them some "success stories" where mixed use zoning has had a positive benefit on underutilized, creaky downtowns.

    Does anyone know of any small cities (~25k pop.) that have successful mixed use zoning districts in their downtown? Municipalities in the NY Metro area/Hudson Valley would be most preferable.


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    Cyburbian Plus
    May 2008
    North America
    The City of Glen Cove, Long Island, New York, has, according to the 2000 census, 26,600 citizens -- a 10% increase from the 1990 census. For a few decades before the 1990s, downtown Glen Cove was 'rundown', (to be polite).

    Here's a 1999 NYTimes article on the 'Renaissance' of the downtown area:

    The article doesn't touch upon the aspect of the new mixed-use zoning in downtown Glen Cove. If the details aren't readily available on the web, perhaps a phone call to the Glen Cove City Hall can be of help. (I remember the zoning aspect well because I lived near there.)

    The value of the real estate has since soared; the numbers are readily available.

    Ironically, the very people who benefited from Glen Cove's downtown mixed development and rezoning are now complaining about a new upscale mixed-use development in the works on the city's waterfront, (to be built on a toxic waste site):

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