A friend and I were talking about how it seems that most people who call themselves "planners" are really architects, by trade and by training. From Olmstead in New York to Hadid's megaproject in Istanbul, the headlines in planning are greatly influenced by architects. Of course, both are closely related and the transition from Arch. to planning is a smooth one, but it's making me reconsider graduate programs.

I wanted to find out if anyone out there has applied to, is currently in, or a graduate of program with joint degrees in architecture (M.Arch or M.LA) and planning. Are there any planning majors that decided to get their masters in architecture? Or if anyone current in either field has any comments on joint degree programs and their value. Basically, I want to know if this is even a viable option, and if architects can be planners, why you never see the reverse?

After working in government planning through volunteering and internships for a while, I wonder if planning alone is a good avenue to pursue for the future.