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I am mid-ish career, and mid-ish thirties, practised law for a while, and then taught at high school level. I have always wanted to take something like the MLA, out of interest if nothing else, and now have an opportunity to apply (meaning I am not the breadwinner in a year or two). I live fairly close to LSU, hence that being the natural choice. However, I don't know how difficult it is to get in, and/or to get funding. I have GRE avge 1400 range (tho close to expiring!), good ivy league undergrad from years back, and subsequent LLM with distinction. Any thoughts? I really need funding, as, although I can afford to subsist, I can not afford to borrow substantially. I don't mind taking my chances once I graduate: the idea of landscape architecture is a passion, not a business plan...
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