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Thread: Graduate schools?

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    Aug 2008
    Seattle, Washington

    Graduate schools?

    Hi All

    I'm new, so sorry if someone's already posted something like this before.

    I'm starting to look at Graduate School and I would really like to get a Master's in Urban Planning. The thing is, I'm looking for a school that has a really specific specialization or program within the Transportation Planning realm: Public Transit.

    Anyone have any ideas? Or any other thoughts about how best to prepare for a possible career as a Planner in a Public Transit agency?


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    Aug 2008
    Simi Valley, California
    I'm very new here as well, but I have found alot of information on what schools to go to from http://www.acsp.org/default.htm and http://www.planningaccreditationboard.org/. They both have alot of information on how to become educated in planning.
    Hope that helps! =D


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    Jul 2007
    more West now

    transportation planning

    Some graduate schools have listed or well known reputations for certain specializations related to planning. You can find them on those web sites or try out planetizen's rankings. I have two suggestions for finding a school.

    1-look what schools are doing the research you are interested in, for example if you pick up one of planning academic journals take note of the schools of the authors.

    2-graduate school gives you the opportunity to do more individual study than undergrad. If you go to a school that has at least one professor that specializes in transportation or public transit, chances are you can study under them or at least have them advise you for a studio or thesis project in the specific area you want to study.

    Best of Luck!
    "Never invest in any idea you can't illustrate with a crayon." ~Peter Lynch

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