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Thread: Mixing affordable housing into mixed income building

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    Feb 2008
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    Mixing affordable housing into mixed income building

    Can anyone refer me to examples of successful buildings that include both affordable (rent controlled or other) and market housing? Any discussion of how these buildings are administered would also be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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    Rollins Square in Boston's South End is a very successful mixed income development. It was developed by the Archdiocese of Boston" Urban Planning Department in 2003. It has about 160 units. I think about 30 of them are low income rentals, owned by a trust, receiving rental subsidies administered by the Boston Housing Authority and rented to families. There are a few limited equity condos as well suject to income limits set by the city of Boston's neighborhood development office. The rest of the units are market rate, selling for around $600 to $700 a square foot. Two units went on the market this past spring and sold within a month. The building has an on-sitsite management office with a staff of about 4-5 full time plus services that come in to keep the grounds up, maintain the elevators etc.

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    Start by looking at different HOPE VI projects around the country. HUD was pushing mixed income as part of this project.

    In Washington DC the New Communities initiative is using a mixed income urban renewal approach to revitalize four different housing projects and the surrounding neighborhood: the old Sursum Corda (and other properties on around M and North Capitol called Northwest One), Barry Farms, Lincoln Heights and Park Morton. The new CenterCity by Archstone-Hines will also have an affordable component.

    DC passed an inclusionary zoning law in 2006 or 2007 that requires new development to have a percentage of homes for low income. Unless the legislation was updated the District left it up to developers to determine how to manage it. Some strategies used were soft seconds, deed restrictions, land trusts, first right of repurchase by the housing and an index of price appreciation that the owner can capture at resale. If I remember correctly many of the developers were using Colorado's affordable housing model.
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