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Thread: Issues at the Santa Cruz County (CA) Planning Department

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    Issues at the Santa Cruz County (CA) Planning Department

    An interesting article regarding one of my former places of employment. Not to sound egotistical, but the place was functioning a whole lot better when I worked there and I was one of the reasons. Me, and the planning director at the time (who happens to be my boss now, too). The place has become dysfunctional again.

    I know all the players in this article. What goes around, comes around.

    Planning Department critics expect ally in revived appeals board

    A lot of headaches would be avoided, not to mention attorney fees, if residents were given a fair chance to appeal their grievances with the county Planning Department.

    At least that's what an increasingly vocal coalition of local builders and property rights advocates is saying in a campaign aimed at reinstating a little-known appeals panel.

    What this means for homeowners angry about red tags and architects upset about rejected applications remains to be seen. While proponents of the board foresee easier times winning approval for home construction, Planning Department officials say little will change.

    "The building appeals board role is very narrow," Planning Department Director Tom Burns said. "It's about technical aspects of the building code ... not about appealing red tags."
    Annoyingly insensitive

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    The article predates Gov. Schwarzenegger's request for a major federal disaster declaration for California due to wildfires. In your opinion, what effect will an almost certain declaration by Bush, (along with additional federal aid/intervention), have on the situation?
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